meet the team

Mr. Ennio Emmanuel

Director / President

Ennio Emmanuel is a spokesperson and philanthropist. Born in New York, he was raised in Delaware for most of his life and his love for this area has grown his passion to help make it better. Weekly you’ll find him leading events at his local church, volunteering at Code Purple or working on something new with his music.


Mr. Emmanuel also leads as a site leader for the Peoples Church of Dover men’s sanctuary shelter in Kent County. Mr. Emmanuel is an insurance agent and entrepreneur. His business endeavors include real estate development, insurance sales through his partnership and seven locations for A to  Z Insurance in Delaware.


He also helps with marketing and planning for large Business Services in Dover. His schedule allows him to help others see a path to changing lives but still remaining active in the business community. He works day in and day out to help unite the State government, local government, religious community, general public and business community to engage and work together to fill in the gaps in our system.

Dr. Maribel Garcia
Vice President / Secretary

Dr. Maribel is a medical doctor serving Delaware for over 20 years at Beebe Medical Center and Westside Health Centers. Dr. Garcia has loved Delaware for quite a while and you can tell it when you talk to her. She is committed to finding new and innovative ways to solve the crisis which is addictions and homelessness. She also focuses on trying to find options to heal for those suffering with chronic pain. She is a site leader for the Women’s sanctuary shelter in Dover at Maranatha Life Changing Church.

Timothy Parsons 
Development Administrator 

​Timothy Parsons is the founder of Global Team Business Solutions  & MY HOMES. He is also the founder  Timbella Music Studios, which offers music lessons and student concerts to the local area. He currently is the marketing director at SUM College and has worked with nonprofits and companies locally and globally. The Development Administrator works alongside the Vice President / Community liaison to move the organization into the future and help to be ready for the challenges that may arise in the future.

Amelia Johnson
Co-Treasurer / Community Liaison

Amelia Johnson has been volunteering with Code Purple Kent County for two years. She enjoys being able to stay busy and find new passions in the work that is done every day. On a daily route she will be taking tents to Hopes and Dreams community center, delivering food to our half way house programs and collecting paperwork to be input into our CMIS, ASSIST and SK Portals for data.

Committee and Department Directors:  

Amelia Johnson, Site Leader

Carol Feldmann, Resident Management Assistant


Timbella Inc, Fine Arts Director and Talent Acquisition Instructors  


Janet Torres, Clinical Counselor / Counseling Program Director 


Angel Garcia, Clinical Counselor / DUI Prevention Class Instructor 


Justin Harrington, Recovery Administrator / Fitness Director / TAG Unlimited Foundation Partner

Janelle Harrington, Housing Maintenance Administrator / Marketing / TAG Unlimited Foundation Partner


Teresa Campbell, Recovery Care Coordinator / Food Schedule and Director of Meal Planning


David Lovett, Director and Instructor of the Job Advancement and Acquisition Program 


Sue Harris, Village and Community Housing Program Development Director and People's Church Site Leader


Angelo Harris, Intern Director 


Elaine Lewis, Site Leader for Casa Maranatha